Plants and trees grow and sprout new leaves during spring, and continue growing during summer. Leaves start to fall in autumn and the trees become bare throughout winter. The cycle repeats every year. Each season, as the rain falls onto Earth, water droplets glow and the field of vision is blurred. The changing appearance of vegetation through the changing seasons and the scenes of rain and after rain are superimposed.

Drawing inspiration from the four seasons of rain, Sailor introduces the Shikiori Amaoto (Sound of Rain) collection. Enjoy the colours of “spring rain” in spring, “sui” in summer, “drizzle” in autumn, and “ice pellets” in winter.

The Amaoto collection features a translucent matt barrel accented with gold trims on the Professional Gear Slim model. The flat finials are enhanced with shiny particles suspended in transparent resin made of contrasting colours and a classic Sailor anchor emblem adorned the cap top. The fountain pen comes with 21k gold nib in MF (medium-fine) and fills using cartridge/converter (converter included).