“Manyosyu” – Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves – is the oldest (c.759) and most revered anthology of Japan’s poetic compilations. Over a period of four centuries, 4,516 poems were written by every class of person ranging from Emperors to merchants and farmers. “Manyo” is an abbreviation of “Manyosyu” and its meaning indicates peoples of all ranks.

“Manyosyu” is often regarded in Japan as a true expression of the Japanese spirit. The themes of the poems relate to love, elegies, celebrations, travelling, the passage of the four seasons, nature and so on. Flowers are especially relevant in the Japanese culture and about 1,500 of the poems in “Manyosyu” cover some 160 species of plants and 50 different flowers.

Sailor has therefore chosen colours based on flowers mentioned in “Manyosyu” for their new “Manyo” ink range.

Available in 8 beautiful ink colours – RSP $35.00 each. Please check in-store for our launch price.