Sailor Luminous Shadow fountain pen combines the concept of “light and shadow” and the random shapes of marble pattern to create a scene of nature that changes from moment to moment.Each colour theme depicts a natural scene where one can feel the “light and shadow”.

Fog Gray: shadow of mountain faintly visible in the fog.
Dusk Red: time at dusk when light leaks through the clouds.
Storm Blue: lightning that runs through the swirling atmosphere on a stormy night.
Grove Green: shadow of growing trunk in a dense grove.

The acrylic material is made by mixing multiple colours specified for one pattern, and the various expressions of the patterns depend on the ratio of the mixed colours and how they are shaved. Therefore no two marble-patterned acrylic cut are identical.

Accented with black ion-plated trims and a conical shaped cap finial, the pen comes with a KOP size 21k black ion-plated gold nib and a cartridge/converter filling system.

Each pen is packaged in a dedicated black presentation box to accentuate the bright shaft colour of Luminous Shadow, complete with two ink cartridges, a converter and a polishing cloth.