Pilot Capless Showcase

Capless – timeless ingenuity

The Pilot Capless defies the conventional wisdom of a fountain pen. As its name suggests, the Pilot Capless is a fountain pen like no other – one without a cap.

First launched in November 1963, the Pilot Capless had a revolving mechanism. A push-button model was released in spring the following year.

Pilot designed the Capless with the objective of creating a fountain pen that was as easy to use as a ballpoint pen – demonstrating their capability for high technology and modern innovation.

The Capless’ shutter mechanism is coupled with the revolving operation, which closes to maintain a good seal. Robust stainless steel parts and precise operation ensure smooth engagement of the nib.

After half a century, the Pilot Capless remains a firm favourite and continues to make an appearance one after another, years after it was launched.

50th Anniversary Commemorative Model

For the first time in its history, Pilot has adopted a wood barrel to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Capless series. The Itaya Maple body comes with a matching gift box, that features a limited edition serial number plate and cartridge case.

The 50th Anniversary Capless has a great allure – its soothing texture and warmth in the hand makes it a favourite for years to come.

Exclusive showcase of Vintage Capless

In celebration of the Pilot Capless 50th Anniversary, Fook Hing Trading Co showcased a variety of Capless fountain pens – from the very first ones produced in 1963, to the newest collections of today.

For those who admire vintage fountain pens or are in search of old time models, the exhibition was a fantastic opportunity to view more than 70 Capless fountain pens and purchase 15 vintage models.

Fook Hing Trading Co would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr Lim Choang Leang for contributing all the vintage fountain pens that were on display, and to Pilot Singapore Pte Ltd for their support and sponsorship of the new Sepia ink cartridges, free for the first 100 visitors.

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