Scribo introduces the Piuma collection, featuring a new unique oval shape with two facets and available in four colours: Lieve (Grey-Blue), Utopia (colourful Blue), Ratio (Burgundy) and Altrove (colourful Burgundy).

The new design is inspired by the feather that floats lightly and yet defies gravity with its unpredictable path in the air. We might not know where the path will take us, but the lightness it represents suggests hope and imagination towards a better world. Once again, the feather becomes a writing tool that is able to channel our thoughts and pursue a goal with determination and reason, while treasuring the beauty of the unexpected with lightness and creativity.

Limited edition of 219 pieces for each colour, the fountain pen is handcrafted with natural resin and accented with platinum plated trims. A variety of nib sizes in 14k gold flex nib or 18k gold nib are offered in the selection. Paired with an ebonite feed and together with a cartridge/converter filling system, the ink flow allows generous, soft and precise writing.

Each pen is accompanied with a genuine leather and cotton soft pouch for protecting two writing instruments. In the side pocket, there is a cloth to keep your fountain pens clean. A precious and modern packaging for carrying your favorite writing instruments with you.

Available nib sizes:14k Flex gold nib: EF, F, M and B
18k gold nib: EEF (new!) EF, F, M, B, BBB and 1.4mm Stub