For several weeks between May and July every year, the chromatic monotony of the countryside near the “Sibillini mountains” in Central Italy, between Marche and Umbria, is broken by an incredible mosaic of colours.

The spectacle of nature called “La Fiorita” of Castelluccio di Norcia fills the eyes and the heart with various shades of colours. FEEL Fiorita is a fusion of sober and biting colours, where the chiaroscuro of the green of the meadows meets the chiaroscuro of the purple of the flowers.

FEEL Viola is an explosion of mother-of-pearl violet, with its darker shades that emphasize the lighter ones.
A limited edition of 219 pieces for each colour, the fountain pen is handcrafted with resin and accented with platinum plated trims.

The fountain pen comes with 14k gold flex nib or 18k gold nib in a variety of nib sizes. Paired with an ebonite feed and together with the piston filling system, the enhanced ink flow allows generous, soft and precise writing.

Each fountain pen is accompanied with a genuine leather and cotton soft pouch for protecting two writing instruments. In the side pocket, there is a cloth to keep your fountain pens clean. A precious and modern packaging for carrying your favorite writing instruments with you.

Available sizes for
14k Flex gold nib: EF, F and M
18k gold nib: EF, F, M, B and BBB