Throughout history, humankind has shared an innate trait – the desire to explore. The tradition of reaching for things beyond helps Visconti lay the foundation for amazing discoveries and the greatest journeys ahead.
The first Voyager collection was launched in the early 90s and represents one of Visconti’s most successful pens of the past. A classic with a modern twist, the new 2020 edition pays homage to this very successful collection.
Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the unexplored worlds, the Voyager 2020 features mother of pearl resin, with a special material made of small rods assembled next to each other and then incorporated into the resin. Once blended, these rods add unique light to the pen and create a beautiful three-dimensional optical illusion. The pen’s clean, harmonious shape reveals a fascinating interplay of color and light, evoking the beauty and boundlessness of galaxies.
The new collection is available as fountain pen, capped rollerball and ballpoint pen in 3 space-inspired colours: Black Star (Black), Alpha Centauri (Orange) and Orion Nebula (Purple), accented with palladium trims. The classic bridge shaped clip displays Visconti laser engraved logo. The fountain pen and capped rollerball close with magnetic lock closing system while the ballpoint pen employs twist mechanism.
The fountain pen fills using cartridge/converter filling system and comes with Visconti 14kt rhodium-coated gold nib made in-house. A selection of five different nib sizes are offered: Extra-fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub.
Capture the adventure and thrill of creative exploration with the new Voyager 2020 collection of writing instruments.
S$492.20 – Ballpoint Pen
S$668.75 – Rollerball Pen
S$1,043.25 – Fountain Pen
(Incl. 7% GST)