A special, small-batch iteration has been crafted from Montegrappite artisanal resin, with verses coined by Horace, Seneca and Cicero captured in sterling-silver detailing. Paired with connoisseur craftsmanship, their wise words fuel the formulation of your own sage thoughts.

The Extra deserves nothing but the best. Montegrappite is made locally, using boutique production methods that achieve textures with a complexity, density and depth not found in standard industrial acrylics.

Manual blending of the Extra Verses’ organic ‘Vinum Atrum’ body minimises wastage, while shavings and offcuts are recovered to create new colours. A priori, as the Romans would say.

Material: Montegrappite resin
Trim: Sterling silver 925
Nib:18k gold
Filling System: Piston
Packaging: Special
Weight: 40.00gr