Following the Mari d’ Italia and Oceani, Aurora has created a new collection called Ambienti. A new sensory experience that involves our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and writing.

A synaesthetic journey into any Ambienti through our senses.The first in the collection, Glacier, features light-blue and white marbled Auroloide accented with sterling silver trims. The sterling silver grip section has a special engraving matching the theme of the pen and the sterling silver cap ring is decorated with Aurora lettering.

The fountain pen comes with an 18kt rhodium-coated gold nib, an ebonite feed for generous ink flow and a piston-filling system with hidden ink reservoir and clear ink window.

A limited edition of 580 numbered pieces, each pen is packaged in an elegant box in black lacquered wood, with black interior to enhance the brightness of the pen. A matching ink bottle and an elegant paper booklet infused with perfume inspired by the notes of the Glacier are included in the package.

Nib Options:
F, M and B
Goccia CE, CF and CM