Taccia introduces the second version of Ukiyo-e ink as part of their fountain pen ink series.

Ukiyo-e is a valued form of Japanese art printing established in the Edo-period. The second version features ink colors inspired by two great Ukiyo-e painters, Hiroshige and Utamaro. Taccia recreated the colors used in their arts and utilized their masterpieces for ink bottle packages.

There are 4 colors each released for Utamaro and Hiroshige collections.

Utamaro (Utamaro Kitagawa) specialized in the art of “beautiful women” and created a new type of female beauty with delicate and elegant drawing lines, pursuing beauty of various forms and expressions.

Utamaro Kitagawa collection:
1. Utamaro-Benizakura (Crimson cherry blossom)
2. Utamaro-Aomurasaki (Blue purple)
3. Utamaro-Usuzumi (Light black)
4. Utamaro-Umemurasaki (Plum purple)

Hiroshige (Hiroshige Utagawa) used the indigo color formulated by a German painter for his work and became famous as “Hiroshige Blue” worldwide. His works are appreciated for bold composition of the art and the beauty of “indigo”.

Hiroshige Utagawa collection:
1. Hiroshige-Asahanada (Sky blue)
2. Hiroshige-Ruri (Lapis lazuli)
3. Hiroshige-Nakamurasaki (Red purple)
4. Hiroshige-Ainezu (Blue gray)

S$26.90 each (40ml bottle)