Drawing inspiration from the world’s oceans, the FABER-CASTELL Ambition OpArt Deep Water features guilloché pattern in dark shades of blue.

This characteristic pattern on the precious resin barrel brings out the deep-water effect in an exceptionally beautiful way: the grid pattern makes the blue shimmer just like waves through its intertwined shapes, reminiscent of the rhythmic and hypnotic movement of water.
A chrome-plated polished metal cap lends a streamlined appearance and the pen can be securely attached to a diary or work folder with its spring-loaded clip.

Available as twist ballpoint pen and fountain pen. The twist ballpoint pen comes with a black, large-capacity cartridge with line width B and the fountain pen comes with stainless steel nib and cartridge/converter filling system.

Fountain pen nib size: EF, F, M and B
Converter included