Launching 15th April 2020, (300 pieces worldwide)

The Daruma is a type of Japanese doll which is modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism who proselytized his teachings from India to China. There is a legend surrounding Bodhidharma referred to as “Menpeki Kunen” (Nine Years Facing the Wall). This legend asserts that Bodhidharma, through sheer indomitable willpower, was able to maintain a meditative state facing the wall for a period of nine years.

The modern iteration of the Daruma was conceived in the Edo Period when a preexisting doll known as “Okiagari Koboshi (Self-rising Monk)” was remodeled to depict a meditating Bodhidharma. The Daruma doll serves as a physical representation of Bodhidharma’s unyielding willpower to always rise no matter how many attempts there may be to knock it over. Due to its self-rising nature, the doll similarly embodies the Japanese proverb Nana Korobi Ya Oki (Fall seven, rise eight) and has thus become a common good luck charm in Japan for those who have ambitions they are determined to see to fruition.

“Me Ire-Daruma” (Daruma in which eyes are inserted) is a tradition that began in the Edo Period and continues to the modern age. While in pursuit of ambitions or wishes, owners of the Daruma doll without eyes drawn on can insert a single eye into their doll. This is known as “Kai Gen” (Opening the Eye), and is repeated following the actualization of the first wish. The second time is referred to as “Man-Gan” (Full

Red, which conjures images of blood and fire, has come to signify protection from evil spirits and has become the most common colour for Daruma dolls. However, different colours are said to invite different types of luck or protection. We would like to introduce five different colors here:

Yellow: Monetary fortune, Fame, Good luck
Blue: Success, Independence, Promotion
Red: Family Safety, Victories, Good luck
Green: Health, Unlocking one’s potential, Increasing athletic potential
Black: Protection against bad luck and natural disasters, economic surplus

Additional Information
Size: Yukari
Nib: 18K with rhodium accents
Nib Size: Fine/Medium/Broad

Included item(s)
• Original “Inden” Pouch
• PILOT ink cartridges (Black x 2 pieces)
• Leaflet
• Use and care guide for Namiki
• Box for Namiki limited edition

Maki-e Technique
Daruma Dolls: Hira Maki-e (Flat Maki-e)
Background: Togidashi Maki-e (Raden)
(Burnished Maki-e, Mother-of-Pearl)