A symbol of strength and good fortune, the dragon is a legendary creature appearing in the folklore of many cultures around the world.

In ancient India, the nagas (dragon gods) appear in both benevolent and malevolent forms. In China, the Azure Dragon is one of the four gods guarding the four cardinal directions.

The Namiki Emperor Chinkin Dragon fountain pen features an exquisite design depicting a dragon appearing among swirling clouds and glaring at the ground with a piercing expression. The dragon clasps the Cintamani wish-fulfilling gem, which is represented by the ball at the end of the pen clip to enhance the brilliance of the gem.

White gold powder is used to highlight the figure of the dragon and create the clouds. Each touch of the carving chisel requires excellent skill and concentration.

This art details the fine and delicate finish combined with powerful, three-dimensional expressiveness, and a world of exquisite beauty leaps forth from the design portrayal.

The pinnacle of the Namiki series, the Namiki Emperor fountain pen comes with size No. 50 18k bi-colour gold nib (MF, M and B) engraved with the outline of Mount Fuji and Namiki branding, and fills via eyedropper with its generous ink capacity.

The artisan’s signature in calligraphic Kanji script appears on the artwork.

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