Hadrian was one of history’s most powerful and respected rulers. As one of the ‘five good emperors’ he reigned during an epoch viewed by chroniclers as the happiest of the ancient period. Starting in 117 A.D., Hadrian ruled for 21 years over an empire spanning three continents.

Hadrian ended his predecessors’ expansion politics, stabilized the provinces and became a great emperor of peace and prosperity. His legacy was immense, since Hadrian invested in infrastructure and the arts in all parts of his enormous realm. It wasn’t only Rome and Athens that had him to thank for new buildings and comprehensive restorations, but many other cities of his empire as well.

The shape of the cap top and cone are inspired by typical ancient Roman buildings, especially those with a concrete dome. The pattern at the cap top ring and cone ring are also inspired by decorations, which are typically used in the Roman Empire, with a connection to the Roman god Janus, who is the god of time.

The clip is inspired by a grain of wheat, which comes from the story of Hadrian as the first roman emperor who passes the initiation of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The cap ring has a special engraving, inspired by two portraits and an arch: the Greek Hero Antinous, who became a symbol of Hadrian’s dreams of pan-Hellenism and Medusa, who is often used on Roman architecture. The pattern around rebuilds a Roman arch.

For the first time, Montblanc created the cap and barrel out of basalt stone. The fountain pen has a piston-fill mechanism and an 18K gold nib engraved with a phoenix, symbolizing Hadrian’s desire to be remembered. The pen’s fittings are coated in gold and ruthenium.

Ink Bottle 50 ml, Patron of Arts, Homage to Hadrian (Burgundy Red)
The red color of the ink is inspired by the Roman red marble of the Pantheon.

Notebook #146, Hadrian, lined
The Notebook #146, Homage to Hadrian is made of Italian calfskin leather embossed with the Hadrian Medusa. The red color is inspired by the Roman red marble of the Pantheon.

150 x 210 mm / 5.9 x 8.2 in

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