The Scented Pencils of ‘la Maison Caran d’Ache’ + Mizensir ed. N°9

Created by Alberto Morillas, the “Alps Spirit” scent reflects the splendour, authenticity and purity of our mountains.

The patchouli essences combined with cetalox and nutmeg call to mind the minerality of the open forests and their organic soils which provide the life source for regal hundred-year-old trees such as larch and stone pine.

The hints of orange heighten the sensation of a fresh, gentle yet awe-inspiring sunrise over the Alpine peaks set against the infinite blue of the morning sky. The peace and tranquillity of the “Alps Spirit” scent will captivate aficionados and collectors of rare pencils.


– 4 HB graphite pencils
– Top grade reconstituted wood
– Ayous or Poplar wood
– Wood selected according to the highest standards of quality Leads made of 100% natural products
– “Alps Spirit” fragrance: Patchouli, Orange, Nutmeg Scented solvent-based finish
– Swiss Made

Available now @ FHTC RSP: S$53.50